At Web Media PDX we understand that your business is very important to you. We firmly want all of our customers to be satisfied, and will not give up until you are happy with our work! We try to keep our prices simple and most websites fall into the price range below. More complicated websites will be given a personalized estimate.

Our 2018 pricing:

Full website build- Includes all of our services except for the photography. Most projects typically range from $700-$2000 depending on the size. Site will take a maximum of a week to complete in most cases.

The websites from our portfolio are arranged on this site into tiers. Just click one to see where they fall and what you can expect for your investment.

$1000-$1500 Tier 1

$1500- $2000 Tier 2

$2000- $2500 Tier 3

$2500+ Tier 4

Our product and business photography services range from $250-$500 on average but it really depends how many pictures of your products and or staff you need. Photography services are available only in the pacific northwest. Primarily near Portland, OR.

We do accept payment plans on special arrangements. Please call us for more details on pricing!