Bowers Trucking Company LLC

When the owner contacted us he said he wanted to use social media to recruit employees. This site features a full online application for drivers and office staff to conveniently fill out. Since the application process for a driver is so strict, the form makes a great screening tool to decide whether to further consider an applicant.

Additionally we showed them how to use social media to post available jobs. By using social media they have gotten a couple of their posts to practically go VIRAL! By spending just a few bucks with Facebook, one of their ads almost reached 37,000 people and garnered over 2000 likes!

Yes, it is truly the age of social media and it works for every type of business!

The Bowers Trucking site is fully integrated with social media and ready to market daily by posting. The SEO is properly filled out, and the analytics are all setup.

At Web Media PDX we don’t leave out the details.

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