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Thank you for checking out Web Media PDX, and welcome. We can customize your site in many ways, above and beyond what most are willing to do. We have spent years learning how to use WordPress so you don’t have too! With all of our sites, our goal is to get the businesses to take over and be able to do their own posts in the future.  A website takes monthly posting to drive traffic to it. At Web Media PDX we make sure each of our clients understands how to do that before we are done with the project. Learn more-

SEO Services:

We include correct titles and descriptions in each page of your site ensuring you will show up in search results. We can customize an SEO campaign just for you. Learn more here- 

Dependable Analytics:

Every website must have analytics if you care to know if people are actually looking at your site or not. We make that process easy and painless on you. You will find yourself checking your site daily to see its traffic, after having us design you a site. Learn more here-

Product Photography:

Additionally, we love making E-commerce sites and have a lot we can assist you with. Every online store needs pictures to display there products with. Product photography is definitely a tool of the successful. We can provide your business with affordable product photography that fits your needs and budget. Learn more here-

Logo Design and Photoshop:

Once your site is setup correctly, we take the time to personalize your site as much as possible. From custom backgrounds and headers, to designing and photo shopping your logo on an image, we do it all! No site can look truly amazing without the ability to do graphic artwork, and we know this and include it in our services. Learn more here-

Custom Fonts and Correct Headings:

Proper headings combined with stylish fonts make such a HUGE difference. We will spend a fair amount of time on the headings and fonts. People tend to overlook them, but what a difference they make when done correctly on the appearance of your site.  Learn more here-

Social Media Integration:

No matter how many posts or pages you make on your site, nobody will see them unless you drive traffic to your site. Unless you happen to have made it on shark tank which is probably not the case I’m assuming you want people to see your site. With a site by Web Media PDX, your site will automatically post to all of your social media networks including Facebook, Google +, Twitter, And Linked in. Learn more here-

Thanks for reading!

We want to offer all, or even a few of our services to you. Whatever you need to make your business more successful. Web Design Media is a family owned company, and believe in honestly providing a great site that you will actually use. We look forward to working on your project!

Please contact us about creating a custom site for you!