Web Design

At Web Media PDX we know that your website is important. As a matter of fact your website can give an entire impression to a potential new client which could either make or break the deal.

Web design:

Site design is not just about putting together the content. It is largely about listing your products and services so they can show up in a google search result. The fanciest website in the world wouldn’t do anybody any good if it is invisible to search engines.

When we start your project, the first thing we do is setup up your page descriptions and titles. Within 1 or 2 days our sites typically show up on google with proper SEO.

Good web design is largely dependent on the ability to do graphic artwork. With our knowledge of Photoshop we can do just about anything to an image to make it custom for your site.

Site Optimization:

Not all platforms treat your site the same, that is why we optimize your site to work on all platforms. The images in your site show up differently across different devices is the main reason. Understanding the tricks to site optimization is just 1 of the specialty skills we have developed for our clients at Web Media PDX.


We also set up online stores which fall under the tier 2 category for price. Check out our example store to see just one of the ways we can make your store look.

Professional Email Setup:

Email setup is tied to your website domain and can be a real pain to do on your own.  We will set up your email for your company at whatever addresses you need. It will be through Gmail and look exactly like your Gmail already looks now. No need to learn a new dashboard! Professional emails are 5 dollars a month that you pay to Gmail. Setup is no extra cost and included in our web design service. That is just one of the extra services you will receive, that makes Web Media PDX your choice for web design.

Product Photography:

Without good pictures a website can sometimes just look cheaply put together. If your first impression matters to you like it does us, well we can assist you in taking custom photos for your business additionally. We have everything needed to display products or capture action shots to make your website look 1st class. Learn more-


Understanding how to use your site after its set up is crucial to using a website successfully with a business. A lot of people simply don’t have the time to learn everything, but learning to add new posts is very important. We make sure when we set your site up that you will understand how to use it. Thank you for considering a website project with Web Media PDX!

Learn about all we offer for your site here-

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