Social Media

At Web Media PDX we use a consistent system to teach customers how to drive traffic to the site, all on their own. By connecting your site to all of your social media, we can allow for each post you make to automatically show up in all your social media at once.

Don’t be afraid to get into social media. We can help!

By using this method you will drive traffic directly back to your site offering your clients an opportunity to see all your services.

Not only will people be able to check out your social media from your site, but you will actually be able to use social media the way it is supposed to be in conjunction with a website.


Posting made easy with with Web Media PDX!



In these two pictures you can see the effects of daily posting by the stats. Not only is this awesome, but it is reliable and gets bigger and more effective the longer you do it. Plus it is fun! Notice this Website owner has posted over 350 times in about a year. Consequently he has driven 62,000 + people to his site over the last 12 months by smart posting. Some of his articles have likes well in the thousands!

If you don’t have social media we will set that up for you and give you a tutorial on how to become a post master and drive traffic to your site daily. That is the Web Media PDX difference.

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