Champion Seo


SEO can be a difficult thing to understand… that is when your working with another company! At Web Media PDX we take the hassle out of SEO and do it right the first time. 6 months down the road you will not be wondering, why am I not showing up in results?

We have spent years learning how google reads a website and understand truly how to get you seen by a search engine as you can see in the pictures below. 3 of these pics show you what your results can look like, but the last photo shows in your dashboard the meat and potatoes. You may notice that all of the posts in that picture are showing as post’s with a GOOD SEO score.


With our process of meticulously detailing every post and page correctly on your site, you will see results in only a matter of days. Whether it is a site re-design or a new build we can fix your SEO at Web Media PDX. Learn more about all we can do here-