Graphic Artwork

Image Darkened with a logo added example.

Customizing your site:

Once we are ready to customize your site visually, we use all of our Photoshop knowledge and creative design to put together your sites look. We can do everything from Darkening images so text looks better, to adding your logo to a picture of yours to give it that custom look. Website design and customization requires you know how to use Photoshop realistically.

Logo Design:

At Web Media PDX we can make you a logo from scratch or change one you currently have. We even do a fair amount of logo recovery for people who want to keep an original logo the way it is, but only have a bad version on file such as one that is too small. It is a real bummer to have a great logo you cant blow up on a banner for example. We specialize in graphic artwork for logo, font, background and header customization.

Sizing your Images:

Additionally we size your themes images correctly which is time consuming but worth it! Have you ever tried to look at a website on your phone and wondered what they were thinking? Well we don’t leave out the details, with a site from Web Media PDX not only will it look amazing it will work on all platforms! Because every theme is different and all image sizes we get or find are different sizes, this is very important!

We want to make your project look amazing and appreciate any creative input from you about how it looks! Learn more about all our other services here-